Zzzax was the product of an accident that occurred at a Consolidated Edison nuclear power plant when a group of heavily armed terrorists attempted to shut down the power for New York City. The explosion that their stray gunfire caused started a chain reaction in the atomic reactor, creating a psionically charged electromagnetic field of humanoid form. As the electromagnetic form grew, it incinerated those people who stood in its way, absorbing the electro-psionic fields generated by their brains, and thus acquired a human intelligence. As it began to think and become aware of its surroundings, it developed rudimentary speech and named itself Zzzax in imitation of the electrostatic "crackle" it made when it moved. As it killed more human beings, it grew more intelligent; consequently it began a campaign of murder and destruction in order to increase its intelligence further. Zzzax clashed with both the Hulk and Hawkeye. Zzzax short-circuited and its constituent field dissipated when Hawkeye shot an arrow attached to a long conducting wire through Zzzax into the East River.

Attack patterns

  • Ranged attacks
    • Electric stomp
      • Watch which leg for sidestep direction
    • Shoulder block
      • Sidestep as he charges, tap circle and tap as quickly as possible for powerful counter-punch
  • Shock attack
    • Locks fist with Hulk attempting to shock him to death.  Tap quickly to break the hold and stun him.

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