Zzzax was the product of an accident in an energy power plant involving two HYDRA scientists - Dr. Fump and Crueler - who captured Hulk and Abomination to drain their gamma energy and use it to power the Arc Reactor of their own. However, an EMP directioned from the Reactor's core as the result of a gamma radiation overload caused it to implode and collapse in itself. The remains were trapped inside a living electro-energetic entity that was initially sentient only in the form of an orb that breached other electronic devices to manifestate its actions. However, when the entity reached out to the rest of New York's electric network, it greatly evolved in its knowledge and became a sentient humanoid being self-named Zzzax.

Biography Edit

Birth from failed experiment Edit

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Battling Iron Man and Hulk Edit

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Flying Fortress showdown Edit

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Apparent death Edit

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Power Plant showdown Edit

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Avengers: Initiative video-game Edit

Chapter I - The Hulk Edit

Attack patterns Edit

  • Ranged attacks
    • Electric stomp
      • Watch which leg for sidestep direction
    • Shoulder block
      • Sidestep as he charges, tap circle and tap as quickly as possible for powerful counter-punch
  • Shock attack
    • Locks fist with Hulk attempting to shock him to death.  Tap quickly to break the hold and stun him.