Code Name Zzzax
Real Name N/A
Height Variable
Weight Negligible
Intelligence 4
Strength 6
Speed 3
Durability 7
Energy Projection 5
Fighting Skills 1
Zzzax Marvel XP



Vault Cryptid #IH-166: Zzzax

Containment Pod: Block G, Level XIII, Cell 1

Class: Hostile Anomaly

Sentient? Varies

Answers to: N/A

Reasons for Containment: The incredibly dangerous result of a nuclear reactor accident, Zzzax, the so-called "Living Dynamo," is being of pure bio-electric energy who lives off the life energy of others. Zzzax absorbs the intelligence and memories of its victims and his diction and knowledge actually improves the more he feeds. He was captured by the Avengers only after a vicious battle.

Warning! Due to Zzzax's insatiable desire to absorb bio-electricity, he must not be removed from his dedicated cell block. Any Guardsmen needing to enter Zzzax's pod for any reason must wear the specially grounded, insulated armor stored in lockers just outside the entrance. - Chief Guardsman O'Brien