Humanoid is a type of enemy seen in Hulk's story.  It comes in Series K, N, and B variations.

To deflect attacks, always use either same direction or opposite direction of enemy's attack.  If sidestepping, try to time it for the last minute for a chance at a counter-punch.  If enemy uses a hooking punch, sidestep outside of swing.  In other words, if he throws a right hook, sidestep to your left.

  • Series B
    • Close-range attack patterns
      • Underhand scoop, overhead pummel, right uppercut (left body swipe)
        • UP, DN, UR, DL to deflect
      • right body swipe, left body swipe, right body swipe
        • DR, DL, DR to deflect
      • right body swipe, left body swipe, underhand scoop, overhand pummel
        • DR, DL, UP, DN to deflect
    • Ranged attack patterns
      • Mile-long punch, head-butt, right body swipe, left hook, left jab
        • To counter: ??, ??, ??, DR, LT, block
        • To sidestep: Either side first two attacks.  Left, right, either.
      • Piano playing
        • To sidestep:  Either side for both attacks.
      • Helicopter slap
        • Excelsior block to stop it
  • Series K
    • Same as series B, but with more helicopter slaps
  • Series N
    • Close-range attack patterns
    • Ranged attack patterns